Mesh Networking – Everything You Need to Know

Mesh Network

Mesh Wi-Fi or Whole Home Wi-fi mesh network have become a hot topic in recent years. As technology advances and traditional Wi-fi becomes more readily available, it’s no surprise that people are looking to go cord-free with their internet connection. But what exactly is a mesh network? How do they work? And how can you […]

How To Setup a Smart Home: A Beginners Guide

How To Setup a Smart Home: A Beginners Guide All of us have probably heard the term “Smart home” from many people around us. What exactly is a smart home and why are people so into it in 2021? Well, we’re going to tell you exactly what a smart home is and how you can […]

Smart Home Automation Technology

What is a Smart Home? A smart home is a building, house, or residence that utilizes an internet connection to manage systems and appliances within the home. It becomes possible to control the lighting, heating, and sound system of a house from a single control unit. At the turn of the century, speedy advancement in […]